Want to know a little more about me, before our first session ?

A few words about my approach

People often ask me why I chose this path. If I chose it, it’s very simple and here are the reasons:

  • It was obvious to me, as a former emotional dependent, to help others get better by accompanying them through coaching.
  • Help you overcome your uncertainties, open your eyes to who you are and what you really want. Also, calming you down and getting you back on your way is a privileged time for me to observe; it’s like watching the caterpillar become a butterfly and then taking its first flight.
  • Succeeding in forging a bond of trust, a real connection in order to be able to move you forward and exchange with kindness is one of my priorities.
  • Guiding you on this journey of transformation and helping you overcome the obstacles you may encounter (anxiety, automatic behaviors…) is one of my favorite things to do.

My method : Questioning to better assist you

I use a proven method that has been employed since the time of Socrates. It involves raising awareness in my coachees about their obstacles and inconsistencies, as it is the most effective approach in my opinion.

So, my sessions resemble informal conversations, but, in reality, I gently and compassionately guide the coachee towards the subjects they need to work on.

My role is to accompany the coachee on the path to self-empowerment and self-fulfillment as quickly as possible.

To achieve this, I employ various tools in addition to questioning, such as hypnosis and morphopsychology.

A few words about my career

  • I think it’s important for you to know more about me before starting our first coaching session together.
  • I hope that knowing more about me and my way of working can reduce the anxiety you may have about starting a coaching.
  • I grew up in the South of France, which made me keep this feeling of warmth that I transmit in my exchanges today. Since as long as I can remember, naturally people have come to confide in me.
  • It’s in this spirit of listening in  benevolence and warmth that I created my practice, so that in this space, you feel free to be yourself and to confide in yourself.
  • After about ten years in the IT insurance industry, I understood that my need to listen and help humans had to go through another way than the one of my job as an engineer.
  • This is how I followed the Psycho-Emotional Coaching training of Fanny D’Avvocato, my mentor, within the EFPP. It was a revelation for me, her approach and the topics covered are a real passion.
  • As a former emotional dependent myself, I specialized in the subject. This does not prevent me from helping you with other issues such as developing self-confidence, quitting a bad habit, supporting you in a change of life…
  • To enrich my practice, I have also trained in Morphopsychology using the Facing method to be able to assist my coachees more effectively.

And what about comics?

Yes, you’re not dreaming – a coach is talking to you about comic books. But why? Quite simply, because it’s a playful and effective means of communication, accessible to a wide audience. To me, a good image is worth a lot more than a long speech.

It allows for conveying messages and illustrating situations easily to spread awareness about certain topics, such as emotional dependence or emotion management. Some situations may appear trivial or even normal to the untrained eye, but with hindsight, that’s not the case.

Once again, it was clear to me. I wanted to tell stories, but in my own way, without taking things too seriously, while still staying within the realm of personal development. It’s a fun and exciting way for me to share my knowledge and make certain subjects more approachable because not everyone wants to read thick books on personal development.

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