You’re probably wondering what Morphopsychology is?

Morphopsychology is :

  • A discipline based on the principle that the facial morphology is linked to an individual’s personality traits and behaviors.
  • As practiced today, it was founded by Dr. Louis Corman in 1937.
  • It’s a tool to learn more about oneself and understand without judgment, as there is no “right” or “wrong” morphology. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • A method to find the ideal environment for you, meaning the work and/or lifestyle that requires the least effort in alignment with your natural tendencies.

What are the applications of Morphopsychology? How does it work?

They are multiple whenever there is a human element involved:

  • Recruitment and management
  • Nutrition
  • Personal development
  • Career guidance
  • Sports coaching
  • Criminology
  • and more…

Analyses can be conducted either in real-time or using photographs of the face and profiles. Photo analysis allows for the most detailed examination. The quality of the photos is crucial for a quality analysis. They should be:

  • In color, without added filters or makeup, and with hair tied back.
  • Taken facing the camera and in profile with the chin parallel to the ground, without expression.

Execution and presentation of detailed morphological analysis


On request only

Flat rate of 200 EUR

Presentation during a video call

What is the utility of Morphopsychology in my sessions?

  • In a coaching session, it enables me to quickly understand how a person operates to provide the most suitable approach.
  • I can also more easily and swiftly detect any potential “blockages” if the individual’s discourse is incongruent with their morphology.
  • When combined with the observation of body language and appearance, I can understand and analyze the emotional state and attitudes of the person I am assisting.

Soon in comics ?

You bet ! It should happen somewhere in 2024 🙂