What to expect ?

Very simply, here’s how I work

Step 1 : Give a hand !

The first step is simply to contact me. You can contact me by my email address florence.coach.beu@gmail.com or make an appointment for the 15 minute call directly via calendly on the link at the bottom of the page and I will answer you as soon as possible.

If you send me an email and I don’t answer you immediately, don’t worry, it’s because I’m probably in session and I’ll get back to you very quickly.

Step 2 : Short video call

By email or via the calendly link for the 15 minute call at the bottom of the page, we can set the right time to call. I will then ask you a few questions to get to know you (and your problem) better in order to make sure that I can help you.

By the end of this call, you should have a pretty good idea of ​​whether or not you want to work with me and whether we can have a first session together.

Step 3 : Questionnaires to be completed before the first session

In order to clarify your situation and give me as many details as possible on what you want to discuss in the session, I will send you by e-mail two questionnaires to complete and send back to me before the first session.

And don’t worry, they’re very simple and there are no wrong answers; these are additional elements to help me understand who you are, your background and what exactly your unsatisfactory situation is. We will come back to this together if necessary during the first session.

Step 4 : First session

The first session is a welcome session during which we go over any questions you may have; We also agree on the goal you want to achieve and the number of sessions needed to achieve it. It also allows us to start working together.

You should know that the goal of coaching is to help you achieve your goals in 5-6 sessions maximum; the sessions must be spaced at least 15 days apart for the work done together to be effective.

Then, according to your needs, we will put in place the most effective approach for you so that you feel better very quickly.

And of course, you can stop at any time, there is no obligation to continue with me at any time.

Step 5 : Find a schedule that suits you

For you to have good results, you need to be able to see each other regularly.

If it’s good for you, I will reserve an hour for you every 15 days or 3 weeks so that we can discuss your progress.

Step 6 : Working together

I’ll guide you as best I can, but I’m not a magician either.

I won’t necessarily have all the answers, but whatever the case, you can always trust me to help you as best I can and that together we can move forward with peace of mind.

Step 7 : Personal work

At the end of the first session and after each session, I may give you exercises to do on your side to help you in your transformation process.

To this end, I will send you an e-mail after the session with the description of the exercises and what you will have to do.

And don’t panic, these are practical exercises that are easy to understand. If you ever have any questions, don’t get stuck in front of an exercise, you can always contact me by e-mail.

At the next session, we will take stock of your progress since the previous session as well as a review of the exercises you have performed and will make adjustments if necessary.

Finally, of course, you can end our sessions whenever you want!

 How to contact me ?