Did you wake up this morning wondering if you are emotionally dependent ?

This comic is made for you !

  • Everyone thinks they know what emotional dependency is.

  • But few people really know what it is.

  • It’s with this in mind that I wrote this comic based on a fictional story tinged with real anecdotes.

  • It’ll allow you to see simply how emtional dependence can be expressed in people who are affected by it.

  • The most common symptoms are shown, but not all emotional dependent have them.

comic emotional dependency

Follow the life of Anna who’s an emotional dependent in her journey

Comic emotional dependency 1
  • Anna is an emotional dependent who doesn’t know what it is. And doesn’t know she is affected by it.

  • Follow her in her daily life to see how that expresses itself in the different aspects of her life.

  • Some situations repeat themselves and she ends up realizing that she has a problem and wants to solve it. She’s looking for help to stop the automatic cycles.

  • Anna begins to work with a coach and from that moment her life begins to change…

The comic is for sale on Amazon

It’s available for sale in self edition on Amazon :

  • In ebook
  • In paper version
  • This is a fictional story based on anecdotes and real situations

  • Available in French and now available in English

Comic Emotional dependency

You have read the comic and you want to start your coaching

anna dépendance affective
  • While reading the comic, you recognized yourself in certain situations.

  • You’re tired of repeating the same cycles without having control over them.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried something else before or not, the important thing is that you have a very strong motivation to change.

  • You’re wondering who you’re going to see to help you.

  • Let me introduce myself, I’m Florence, the author of the comic. What I wrote about coaching and its process is consistent with what I offer my clients. Why not contact me for a free 15 minute call to see how I can help you and answer your questions?

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