Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that you may have

What are my rates ?

I offer a global coaching program which includes 8 sessions every 2 or 3 weeks depending on your availability for a support that lasts approximately 3 months. Contact me to know my rate.

Why don't you do single sessions ?

Quite simply because I have noticed that it is not effective. Subscribing to a package builds loyalty and makes the coached more committed to their change process. The results are much better and the work is also much deeper and interesting for me.

Will you be reimbursed by the French social security ?

Social security does not reimburse coaching, however I can provide you with an invoice if necessary.

Why start a coaching journey ? How will that help me ?

The goal of coaching is to help you understand yourself more deeply, learn to love yourself as you are and respect yourself.

Blockages and patterns usually occur outside of our awareness. And it’s VERY difficult to observe yourself objectively from the outside. Hence the importance of asking for support with an outside person who naturally has more perspective.

We often have trouble understanding the “WHY” of some of our behaviors (we know we are angry, annoyed, hurt… but we don’t know why).

I will help you understand the “WHY” for effective awareness.

This is important since we cannot change something we are not aware of.

What's the difference between a coach and a psychologist ?

A coach is not a therapist, although there may be many similarities. The main difference is that the psychologist will be mainly interested in the past of the person to undo the blockages that may be there.

The coach, on the other hand, uses markers from the past but focuses mainly on the present and the future of the person.

This is why coaching and therapy are complementary. And I will not hesitate to advise my coachees to carry out a therapy in parallel if I consider it necessary. To find out more, go to the Ethics page.

Why are you hesitating to call me ?

We are creatures of habit. This makes all changes and transitions difficult. Additionally, we have an evolving fear of the unknown. At the time of the caves, this allowed us to stay alive, because changing caves could make us find ourselves with a bear or a wolf for example; today things have evolved and we no longer live in caves, but this fear has been preserved since that time.

I hope that my website will be able to answer many “unknowns”. However, if you still have concerns about calling me, you can choose to write to me by emailing me, my email address is

Coaching is also frowned upon by some people. I can assure you that this approach will put you in a virtuous circle.

Coaching offers a choice, that of continuing to unconsciously reproduce the same patterns and remaining stuck in our habits; or that of taking a step back and trying to understand each other better.

This is how we can evolve.

How long will it take for you to feel better ?

From the first session, you should feel a great relief by the simple fact of having spoken and exteriorized your problems and blockages.

Then, everything depends on your commitment and your regularity.

If you apply the exercises that I give you outside sessions and you come back every 15 days or 3 weeks, you can start to feel better from the second or third session.

It’s like with everything, the more committed and consistent you are, the more lasting results you will achieve.

How I'm different from other coaches ?

Quite simply, my way of seeing things and my coaching method. I use psycho-emotional coaching which is a holistic approach to the person; that is to say that in this type of coaching, everything is addressed: emotions, blockages, needs, values ​​or even the person’s entourage. For more information, see the About me page.

What's psycho-emotional coaching ?

It’s a holistic approach to the person that allows all facets to be reconciled. And above all to reveal its true value and its own identity. The goal is to bring out the hidden innate talent of each person and to accompany them towards the best version of themselves.

For this, the support is based on notions of psychology and uses powerful tools such as questioning, hypnosis or NLP.

Concretely, it’s a question of relying on certain markers of the past and working on the present and the future of the person in order to make him achieve his objective.

Why did I choose to become a coach ?

I realized that there were many people in pain and lacking in self-confidence around me; I wanted to help them as much as possible.

Also, helping others to better understand   and get to know themselves is very rewarding.

How long does the coaching journey usually take ?

In general, a coaching journey lasts 5-6 sessions.

How long do the sessions last ?

The sessions last 1h to 1h30.

What is my character ?

My coachees say of me that I am an enthusiastic person, very attentive, very tolerant and who inspires confidence.

 How to contact me ?